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Erasmus SIMPLE

Sustainability paths, business models and impact measurement methodologies that consider the specific features of SMEs capitalising on good business practices at national, European and international level.  This is SIMPLE, an innovative Erasmus+ Project that aims also to identify the relevant skills necessary to establish such a transformation path inside SME.


In the framework of the SIMPLE project, the partnership has implemented a series of actions concerning the IO2.

In particular, the IO2 was split into 3 sub-tasks as follows:

  1. DEVELOPMENT OF THE LEARNING CONTENT: the pool of trainers from the partnership have used the shared storyboard and instructional design techniques learnt from the mobility to develop the contents of the OERs;
  2. OER DEVELOPMENT: in the form of interactive video training pills, which combine entertainment and learning and increase the involvement of learners (immersive education) maximising the effectiveness of learning even after the end of the project;
  3. SIM GAME DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: realisation of an episodic game based on interactive multi-channel integrated didactics, where OERs, further learning materials and stakeholder interviews are incorporated.

The materials produced are accessible via

Simple Video training pills screenshotSimple Video training pills screenshotSimple Video training pills screenshot

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